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-Kolten Kirschke

"K. Makini is extremely creative and amazing to work with. Confidence in every red carpet, music video, and photoshoot begins with a great stylist and she's the one you want! Every time we come with a vision K. Makini makes it happen!"

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“K. Makini was at every appointment we set to make sure that our bridal party looked legendary. From head to toe, our bridal party took our breath away and that was all because of K. Makini.  K. Makini is very professional, communicates well (I love it when someone can keep it real with me) and most importantly incredibly stylish. We appreciate you K. Makini. Thank you for your hard and amazing work!”

-Xavier and Imani Smith

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"While working with a team, I like to partner with individuals who are confident in their ability to get the job done. K. Makini understands the uniqueness of style and delivers on demand!"

- Candice Booker


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K. Makini

K. Makini Image Consulting provides personal styling, shopping and wardrobe makeover services for women, men and children. I also work with clients to enhance their personal brands by refining their verbal and nonverbal communication skills. 


My most recent work includes directing fashion show productions for Men’s Fashion Week Dallas, styling for the Honeydrops Foundation Men’s Fashion Show, editorial fashion shoots, celebrity red carpet personal styling and styling wedding parties.


I love helping people transform into a greater version of themselves. There’s a sense of confidence that comes along with making wardrobe tweaks to whatever one typically gravitates towards on a large or small scale. How you feel on the inside can impact how you look on the outside. Like the great Deion Sanders said, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good!” 





K.Makini teamed up with Matthew Osborne of 19 Production House

to create this unique 10 episode series titled "In The Pocket w/ K.Makini. In these

fun episodes Kinda offers her expert advice on a number of things including

shoes, sport coats, perfumes, colognes, style, and more! We hope you enjoy and learn something!

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K. Makini

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